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WAITING for a Sponsor

(Grade levels are for the 2024 school year.)

Thank you to all who committed to those on our waiting list !! 

High School

$585 per year/$195 per trimester or $48.75 per month

None at this time...


$354 per year or $118per trimester or $29.50 per month

Trecy G.
Age 12, Grade 7
 She was born into a family of three siblings. The oldest is in secondary school and the the second is in primary.  The father is not in good health.  The mother cares for their education.  She does casual jobs for the family support.  People come in and help whenever they are called but help is getting thin.  Please look into this serious matter.

Stacy M.
Age 8, Grade 4
Stacy is a very needy student.  She owes the school a lot of money as the family has been unable to pay the fees.  Her parents separated more than five years ago and it is the mother who takes care of her and her siblings.  The mother depends on casual jobs to care for the family.  It is against this background she requests support.  

Peace K.
Age 7, Grade 1
Peace was born into a family of three siblings.  The father is asthmatic and elderly.  The mother organizes with difficulty to care and educate the children.  She does casual work.  She tries to fundraise when people come.  She needs help to educate the children.

Karen Lau,