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New Donor Handbook - Hope Ministry, Our Kenyan Partners

Our ministry, CHERISH, collects the donations, and wires the funds to The HOPE International Ministry Trust, with instructions on what funds are being sent for which child and who those funds are from. HOPE has 6 volunteers, called guardians, who both identify new children for sponsorship, and see to it that our donations and letters sent to HOPE get into the proper hands. With their discretion, some of your donation dollars are used to purchase needed food and clothing, and other items the child will need to be successful in school.

A dedicated amount is being donated for HOPE’s administrative costs, so 100% of your donation goes directly to your sponsored child and the family that is caring for them.
Each August, during a school holiday, HOPE offers a seminar for all sponsored children and their families. “Graduates” often return to assist and give inspirational talks and helpful advice. Prayer, worship, and workshops provide the opportunity for the students and families to establish helpful connections with each other and with the students who have completed their schooling with assistance from CHERISH.

HOPE ministry began in1996 to respond to the challenges that face many families in the Meru area. Their vision is to save one child at a time. The mission statement comes from John 10:10. “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” It is with this in mind that HOPE guardians visit the homes of the children, providing counseling for the children and their families, and addressing health and nutrition needs.

Future plans for HOPE are:
  1. To create a permanent children’s home (rescue center) with a Christian atmosphere for orphans and abandoned children.
  2. To establish a center where children who are underprivileged can be taught life and vocational skills, such as carpentry, farming, tailoring, nutrition and cooking.
  3. To strengthen and expand the current sponsorship ministry.