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New Sponsor Handbook - Your Contributions


Sponsorship donations are $300 a year for a primary student, and $500 a year for a secondary student. You may contribute monthly, three times a year, or annually. If you choose to contribute three times a year, donations are needed by March 5, June 5, and November 5. 

Our goal is provide continuity in schooling and relationships, and we expect your sponsorship commitment to continue to the end of the child's secondary education. If you need to make a change to your commitment, please contact Karen Lau so that we can manage the child's transition to a new sponsor.

There are 2 ways to donate:

1. Submit your donation online at: Step-by-step directions may be found at the bottom of this page. This is the preferred way to make your donation. 

2. Use the special sponsor envelopes (sent to you each January) and mail to the church or place in the slot box on the church office door. Please make your check out to UPPC and write Kenya Mission on the memo line. You may use a substitute envelope, but please mark it KENYA SPONSORSHIP MINISTRY. Include the name(s) of your sponsored student(s) and the amount per student that you are donating. Please do not put your donation in the collection plate. 


Pray for your child. Pray as you would for your own child or grandchild. Pray that the child would always know how much God loves them, and to turn to Him always. Pray for health, safety, and food security for the child and their family. When you begin the sponsorship, you will receive a photo of the child. It you place it on your refrigerator or another place with family photos, it will keep the child close to your heart and enable you to easily share your ministry with family and friends. 

Building Relationships 

Your relationship with your sponsored child may be as important as your financial contribution. Most students are thrilled to have an American friend or “mum” or “dad.” They will thank you and thank God for you and will pray for you. The distribution of letters to and from your child may be very slow, as it may involve hand carrying to-and-from remote places. If you are sponsoring a very young child, you may want to write directly to the parent or guardian.

Please invite other members of your family to write. It can be especially meaningful for children to directly correspond.

Current postage is $1.20. You may purchase international “forever” stamps. You may use a standard long white envelope and include some photos or stickers for this postage.

Mail your letters to: 

    Child’s Name
    PO Box 832
    Meru, Kenya

2.  Choose “GIVE BACK – Serve and Donate”
3   Choose “Give Online”

4.  Under “OTHER DONATIONS/PAYMENTS:” Choose “Meru sponsorship”

5.  Sign in or contribute as a guest

6.  Fill in the information making certain that “Amount” just has the number, not the $

7. Scroll down and click on either CONTRIBUTE NOW or SCHEDULE CONTRIBUTION Suggestion: Do CONTRIBUTE NOW unless you are sure of the process and the scheduling.

8. Make a note of your receipt number or print your receipt.